Nutritious Food

The importance of our health lies among other things in the food we eat, today we talk about healthy foods: ranking of the 30 most important foods for your body.

You’ll see how easy it is to incorporate them into your diet. You will also see that they are foods that are within our reach, accessible, cheaper to a greater extent and easy to use.

Healthy foods that consumed naturally, whether in short cooking or introduced in more elaborate recipes, will provide us with good doses of quality nutrients necessary for our bodies to run at full speed.

Are you ready? Then let the ranking begin:


Don’t let them tell you stories. Despite its “bad reputation” for being a strong ingredient and leaves us a peculiar breath, garlic has great nutritional value and we are also dealing with a food that has very few calories, all this coupled with that has plenty of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. Just by adding it to our daily meals we are already providing its nutrients, but if we also want to intensify its powers, you can take a clove of peeled garlic on an empty stomach. An ally when it comes to reducing bad cholesterol and take care of our heart and purify us.


Another of the star ingredients in our kitchens is the onion, perfect to avoid circulatory problems, combat cholesterol and hypertension and if this were not enough is also a diuretic ingredient. Consume it both raw and added to your stews, grilled and remember that it is also the star ingredient of any good sofrito.


A food that helps us prevent disease and great source of iron, we leave the link to the next article in which we tell you all the details about this super food that you can not fail to include in your shopping basket.

The carrot

Rich in a lot of nutrients it stands out especially for its vitamin A and its carotenoids. They are also a source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium iodine, and they’re sure to be there! Add them to your salads or use them as crudités for dipear or as snacks in the snacks of the smallest of the house.


Rich in proteins of high biological value, it contains all the essential amino acids. Until recently there was the belief that we had to moderate their consumption, today there are studies that show that not only are not bad but that the consumption of eggs, every day is beneficial, cooked, passed by water, tortilla or scrambled are a good source of nutrients from which we benefit daily.


A great source of protein of vegetable origin, in addition to its so-called iron are also rich in potassium, phosphorus and calcium. They have fiber and are satiating as well as low in fat, so perfect for slimming diets or high energy requirements. Good lentils stewed with plenty of vegetables and a handful of brown rice are a perfect unique dish.


Continuing with legumes, we find another of the most traditional ingredients used in our kitchens. You must include them in your diet as they are a source of B group vitamins highlighting B9, folic acid and also vitamin A and some vitamin C. It also provides minerals such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium or zinc. There’s no doubt about it, is there? another basic one that’s more than justified. In hummus or traditional stew are always welcome.

Pinto or red beans

They are our favorite, although all beans are welcome, the red ones have a high zinc content, help us to increase defenses strengthening the immune system and can also be beneficial for optimal fertility, among many other interesting properties. Have you tried to add them in your salads?

Brown rice

We always emphasize the fact that cereals are consumed in their integral form, in addition to being healthier, we increase their nutritional properties. In this case, brown rice helps us control blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes, obesity, lowering blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease. Always having a container in the fridge with rice or another previously cooked whole grain cereal will also save a lot of time when preparing our lunches or dinners at the last minute.


Another one of our favorite foods, you know what helps strengthen the brain, is also perfect for boosting mood and calming nerves. Here are seven recipes to make the most of this versatile and tasty ingredient here.


A lot of protein and few carbohydrates, also little fat, plus essential minerals, calcium, phosphorus … rich both to eat raw and cooked if you incorporate them into your favorite stews or dishes. Children love them!


The best we can find in this group of fish is its high content of omega 3, perfect when combating cardiovascular disease. It also stands out for its proteins and minerals, among which we highlight the phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins B group and vitamins A and D. The most advisable is to cook it on the grill and not abuse the sauces if cooked. Anchovies, tuna, salmon, which is your favorite, we like very much the mackerel, which in addition in salad looks great.


They stand out for their high content of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. Regarding vitamins, spinach has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, group B vitamins especially folic acid. Consume them preferably in raw, a good way is to make them in milkshake, so we take a large amount in drink format very easy to assimilate and delicious, that you do not throw back the color, the green shakes are great, as compared to juices, these retain all the fiber and do not become free sugars.


Famous is its large amount of Vitamin C, also should not forget that it has many other properties, is great for preventing cardiovascular disease and a great antioxidant food. We usually take them as a dessert in a sweet way, but have you tried to add them to your salty dishes? When grilled it is delicious as a garnish with raisins and pine nuts. Give imagination to the kitchen and you will not be able to stop enjoying at the same time that you assure to eat rich and healthy.

The apple

Contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps reduce blood cholesterol. Also, minerals such as potassium, responsible for controlling blood pressure reducing the risk of heart problems. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, don’t you think so?


Rich in water and with very few calories in addition to delicious, which makes it another of our safe bets. It contributes mainly complex hydrates, also great amount of fiber and to emphasize: its carotenes. In Huercasa we market it ready to eat.