Foods You Should Stop Eating To Boost Your Health

Most people care about their long term health, and try to do what they can each day live a healthy lifestyle. Our nutrition has a huge impact on our health, and poor dietary habits can take years or even decades off of our lives.

The busy modern lives we lead present a whole new set of nutritional challenges. Instead of sitting down for a home cooked meal each night, many people stop by the drive-thru or pick up a pizza on the way home. Instead of snacking on fresh fruits our cupboards are full of chips, cookies and crackers that are loaded with flour, sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients.

Convenience foods are everywhere today on grocery store shelves, at quickie markets, gas stations and fast food restaurants. These foods may save us valuable time, but unfortunately they may be taking more time away from us than they are giving. Many of these foods contain only highly processed ingredients that are all but devoid of any nutritional value. On top of that they are usually very high in calories, carbohydrates, and dietary fat in other words they are unhealthy in very possible way.

Many of the foods we now eat on a regular basis are not good for us. Below I will talk about some of the worst offenders; foods you should certainly avoid if you care about your health.

  1. Fast Food: These days there is a fast food restaurant on every major intersection sometimes more than one. The great majority of the menu items at these restaurants are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt, and contain no fresh ingredients and very little in the way of nutrients. Websites that rate foods with the common grading system give the great majority of fast food items an “F”. Making even the most basic meal from fresh ingredients will provide you with 10-100 times the amount of vital nutrients in a fast food meal.
  2. Commercial Baked Goods: The doughnuts, pastries, cookies and other tasty treats you’ll find in the bakery section of the grocery store are loaded with flour, sugar, artificial colors, and worst of all, trans-fatty acids. These are fat molecules that have been modified to stay solid at room temperature, and have been shown to be detrimental to heart health. Resist the temptation to indulge in these foods whenever possible, as there is no safe level of consumption for trans-fatty acids.
  3. Deep Fried Foods: Fried foods like French fries, funnel cakes, and doughnuts are certainly delicious but they’re absolutely loaded with fat, calories and carbohydrates. An entrée of breaded and friend chicken strips can have double the fat and calories of a baked chicken dish without the breading. If you regularly eat fried foods you could be adding thousands of unnecessary calories to your diet each week, which will certainly have a negative impact on your long term health.

There are other unhealthy foods out there that you should probably avoid, but these are three of the worst offenders. By making a lifestyle change and removing these foods from your regular diet, you will be doing your long term health a pretty big favor.

8 types of very healthy foods in the world

You are what you eat and what you eat affects your life in a major way. Different foods have different effects to the body, there for it is very important to choose the right food before you eat. Below are examples of healthy foods that not only keep in you in good shape but also in good health.

1. Spinach.
Spinach is among the healthiest vegetables in the world. Spinach is very low in fat and even lower in cholesterol. Spinach contains a lot of nutrients including zink, vitamins A, C, E and k, calcium, iron and many more. Spinach has also been proven to be a good cancer fighting vegetable.

2. Nuts, seeds and peanuts.
Edible seeds and nuts contain natural oils and a small amount of calories which provide the body with very healthy fats. They also have other nutrients such as magnesium and Vitamins. Eating nuts makes someone thirsty, this makes them drink water which is very important for the body.

3. Beans.
Beans are a very cheap and healthy source of protein, these proteins help in repairing worn out muscles. It has also been proven eating legumes, beans included help in reducing chances of getting heart diseases by 22%.

4. Garlic.
Garlic contain Allicin making it a very good antioxidant which helps in burning calories in the body. Garlic is a very powerful disease fighter, and helps in protecting the body against cancer, heart disease and also improves the immunity of the body, it also inhibits development and growth of bacteria in the body.

5. Avocados.
Avocados are very popular world wide because of the different wide range of benefits it has. Avocados contain natural oils that are good for the body and the hair. Avocados are very rich in fiber which helps in preventing constipation.

6 Salmon.
Salmon is a very good source of protein which help in building a healthy body and omega 3 fatty acids which are good for a healthy brain and improves memory. Omega 3 has also been proven to protect the body against heart diseases, cancer and even depression.

7. Brown rice.
Rice is among the worlds oldest and most consumed cereals. Brown rice has more benefits to the body than regular rice. Brown rice is very rich in fiber, vitamin B1 and magnesium.

8. Milk, cheese and yoghurt.
Cheese is very tasty and has a lot of nutrients, one slice of cheese contains the same amount of nutrients as a whole glass of milk. Milk and yoghurt contain healthy animal protein, very rich in vitamins and minerals.