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A Few Tips To Attracting the Right Man

Whether you are a young adult, new and fresh to the scene or a veteran back on the market, how to attract a man may be very much on your mind. It may feel daunting especially if you are coming out of a long term relationship. You may be feeling some anxiety regarding starting all over again. Or on the flip side, you may be excited ready to embrace and revel in the novelty of a new relationship. Whatever you may be feeling, ways to attract a man and dare I say the right man may be swirling through your busy brain. If you are like me, you are probably already on the date in your head! So whether you are new to the rodeo or just needing some reminder tips, continue reading!

Just Smile

This may sound like old news, but it is your greatest weapon. A smile does so much. It makes you more approachable and super appealing and men are drawn to a beautiful smile like moths to a light. So let your pearly whites come out to play!

Don’t Be a Wallflower

As with everything else confidence is key! You can’t expect to attract the boys if you are hiding in a corner trying to blend in with the wallpaper. You need to command the room! Guys can sense if you are comfortable in your own skin. Your body language is key. Don’t slough keep you head held high and your shoulders straight. These things make you seem powerful and your energy radiates from you! Trust me you will be hard to resist.

Dress to impress

So while this is a super subjective area, what you need to take away from this is that you need to put some effort into your appearance. Wear something that flatters your figure and go for a classic look that you know works for you. You also feel more confident when you know that you are looking your best!

Be Yourself

This part is really important. You need to let your potential guy know who you really are. While you may ask him what are his interests, don’t be shy to talk about your interests if they are different from his. Be honest and true to yourself in the interaction. This is better for all concerned since no one wants to be stuck with someone they thought they knew. Games are for children, keep them out of the dating arena.

So ladies, nothing beats being prepared, go on that date and make your mark and most importantly remember to have fun! Some more tips can be gained from the hero instinct James Bauer dating guide.